How to use a Belkin F5D7050 Version 4 USB WLAN Adapter with Linux

There are some good descriptions in the net, Some driver versions of the Belkin USB Adapter version 4 could cause a ndiswrapper error. Here is shown how to solve this problem.

What you need is ...

  1. ndiswrapper to be installed on your system.
  2. The *.inf file and *.sys file (for example, 'BLKWGU.inf' and 'BLKWGUXP.sys') of the Windows driver provided by Belkin. The *.inf file should be editible.
You must be root in order to use ndiswrapper and modprobe.

Driver installation

  1. Open a console, cd to the folder where you have stored the driver files.
  2. Type "ndiswrapper -i *.inf" in order to install the driver.
  3. In case you get an error message from ndiswrapper like

    installing blkwgu ...
    couldn't find install section "ZD1211BXP50U.ndi" -
    installation may be incomplete

  4. If you didn't get an error message this time, type "modprobe ndiswrapper". If you get no message at all, everything seems to be fine.

General network installation

If you work on a general Linux system, NDISwrapper would be a good address to check the correct installation and finally set up your network.

Network installation with an OpenSuse Linux 11.0 system

Please refer to the "Mobility" section within the manual. Use (if possible) knetworkmanager, otherwise use ifup.

Short description (knetworkmanager)

  1. Install NetworkManager (knetworkmanager)
  2. Start Yast, go to 'Network Devices->Network Settings'
  3. In the tab 'Global Options', go to 'Network Setup Method' and select 'User Controlled with NetworkManager'
  4. Make the other various settings, like ESSID, encryption, and so on.
  5. Use knetworkmanager to get connected to your access point.

Hope, this was a help to you.